Finding The Right Product For You

Finding The Right Product For You

Finding What Your Skin Needs.

On the search for skincare, there are so many brands on the market, from drugstore corporation brands, to luxury brands.

Giving us the opportunity to choose between thousands if not millions of skincare companies, we have so many options at our feet waiting to be chosen.

We have to make a choice, on what fuels our skin and what makes us feel good.

We choose with our money every time we purchase and apply to our skin.

And sometimes, if not every time, our skin will decide for us with good reactions and bad ones.

(Please reach out if you have any skin concerns and are worried about reactions, we can help point you in the right direction)


What defines a brand that you would like to work with?

Conscious? Sustainable? Organic? Clean? Medicinal? Professional-Grade? Ethical? Woman-Owned and Operated? All Natural?


At Curandera Collective,

We aim to be an ethical, sustainable, as possible. Bringing clean beauty to a next level foundation. Delivering healing botanical skincare to your doorstep and to your skin. As an educated woman who has had many skin ailments such as rashes, acne, and minor skin burns from skincare. With my own personal practice and herbalism study I have came up with living botanical skincare that works for all types of skin.

With nature, science and spirit by our side, we conclude to only bring you the very best ingredients that your skin will not only love, but receive in such an uplifting way. 
Taking self care and self love to a whole new meaning by elevating your earth experience with the best herbal medicinal plants that we grow ourselves and turning it into skin and spirit fuel.


The dry

The red

The flaky

The aging

The baby skin

The inflamed

The irritated

You name it.

Our bodies speak to us, if you listen to its reactions, you can better pinpoint the root of the cause. 

In wholistic herbal healing practices, we look at the whole body as a system and when there is an imbalance, there is a reaction.

(If you are struggling with a reaction, mentally or externally, e-mail us and we might be able to assist in pointing you to the right direction)


With my botanical influenced skincare regimen I have come up with botanical regimens that will not only moisturize but heal the cells in your skin.

Xamana Azul Facial Healing Mist has healing flowers that assist those with acne, sensitive and red skin. It's calming blue oils help soothe and clear any redness and immerging pimples.

My Mother Earth Healing Butter is safe for pregnant mamas and babies as well as our Tallow Body Balm. Will protect cells and deliver nourishment that is mama and baby safe.

Royal Hojari Frankicense Oil is an amazing skin protectant and anti-inflammatory. Frankincense has been studied  by science and it has been proven to reduce cancer cell growths. 
With Love and Beauty, 
Curandera Collective
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