Sourcing Beyond Organic

Sourcing Beyond Organic

Coming Back to Source.

Source: a place, person, or thing from which something comes or can be obtained.

Sourcing the highest quality medicinal herbs in our times can be difficult, however, not impossible.

With a quick search on google you can find yourself herbs from all over the world. 

There is so much out there on the market, all within a click of a button.

Left and right herbal shops are popping up and people are awakening to the power of plants.

But quality takes time to find, or better yet, growing your own takes even more time and energy. 

All our hardwork and medicinal herbs pay us back in health and the time/ energy investment comes back tri-fold.

Curandera Collective, our family-run herbal business is about a reconnection to the soil, the plants and Mother Earths many gifts.

Our medicine mostly comes from our biodynamic garden, our nearby forests, and locally based sustainable herbal companies that are completely Organic or Sustainable.

A great responsibility starts within the farmer and is deeply rooted in the foundation of a healthy life when it is your plant, medicine and seeds.

A healthy plant, fuels a healthy person.

We prefer to buy bulk in order to obtain larger amounts of product and reducing our consumption of plastic as well as growing our own.



The difference can define the quality of product.

The organic herbs can be more easily assimilated and digested through the body and define a clean beauty product from a toxic herb.

Buying organic is a responsibility.

It is an every-day search for the cleanest product.

When choosing my medicine I prefer it to be organic, grown or harvested by me or a company that I can trust with my body and health.

If it is what is going to help heal me and help myself bring me back into wholeness and wellness, I expect only the highest quality foundation of its life in order for it's cells to transmute and assimilate in my body effortlessly.

The "organic" factor is for not only peace of mind, but for wholesome and healthy living. When we factor in the life of the plant and it's course to come to us you have to remember every bit of its life. 

The water, the soil, the gardener, the farmer, the plant food, the packaging.

There are many factors in its process. Is it packaged in plastic, is it BPA free, and is it clean?

A clean and organic product means it has not been exposed to pesticides and harsh fertilizers that are known to cause cancer.

A great reason to get in touch with your local farmers and see what their practices look like when sourcing medicine for yourself, others and your family.


By supporting local small family farms, we can continue to heal the planet and obtain the highest quality herbal medicines for our consumption.

We can invite clean living by ingesting biodynamic/organic and ethical plant healers.

I Invite you to join us on a plant journey in supporting our Mind, Body and Spirit through life-enhancing essences, skincare and luxury body oils.

With Love and Beauty,

Curandera Collective 

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