What is Xamana Azul Healing Mist?

What is Xamana Azul Healing Mist?

The Xamana Azul (Shh-a-ma-n-a-Az-oo-l) Healing Mist is a hydrosol distillation of the herbal medicinal essential oils and floral water extraction of our garden flowers.

xamana azul healing mist floral water chamomile blue tansy yarrow flower distillation

This floral water/ facial toner was birthed through a divine process of growing medicinal flowers bio-dynamically in our organic garden or wildcrafting for flowers in our nearby forest.

We harvested the "Chamuzelene Queens" German Chamomile and Wild Yarrow on our small farm in Sisters, Oregon. 

xamana azul healing mist chamomile yarrow blue tansy distillation medicine woman Curandera Collective the magician Aquarius

We distilled the perfect flowers at the peak of summer, slowly, a beautiful extraction of its chamuzelene compound was brought to life.

A magical blue hued water and pure essential oil with a bright blue essence.
We named this the "Xamana Azul" because of it's magical abilities to restore skin by healing redness and irritations.

Xamana Azul. Blue Shaman. A magical potion to soothe, heal and refresh the skin. 

This blue oil is commonly used as a soothing oil post-waxing because of it's ability to fight off redness and puffiness.

This product is perfect for cooling excessive 'fire' in the body also known as rebalancing pitta (an Ayurvedic term for inflammation, heat or redness in the body).

Xamana Azul, transmutes and calms the mind and skin in such a gentle way.

Taking a moment to clear and clean the mind and spirit of over extension and transmuting the fire into water.

Pitta represents the transformation at the finest level of creation. This corresponds to digestion and work in daily life. Pitta gives rise to the primordial “element” known as Fire.

Pitta imbalance is particularly common in the USA, perhaps as a legacy of the Pilgrim’s work ethic. We are a nation of immigrants who transformed the continent and achieved global dominance through powerful military force and innovation.

Our predilection for salty, fried, spicy and sour foods, caffeinated beverages and alcohol aggravates the situation. Aggravated Pitta causes problems related to excessive heat and acidity in mind and body.

Pitta Imbalance examples are hot temper, inflammation, heart burn, irritability, sunburn, red irritated skin.

If you resonate with any of these pitta imbalances, Xamana Azul will be a great ally in bringing you back into balance.

We combine the purest essential oil from hundreds of flowers and the hydrosol to make Xamana Azul.

distillation hydrosol Xamana Azul healing mist

This is a perfect toner and facial mist for people with sensitive skin or acne because of it's healing abilities.

Both Wild Yarrow and German Chamomile and Blue Tansy (Morrocan Chamomile) are amazing healers and known to calm skin, stop bleeding, heal wounds and calm the spirit.

We're happy to share this offering and deliver a true organic, living botanical skincare ritual.

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