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Royal Hojari Frankincense Desert Scrub

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A Luxurious Botanical Face and Body Exfoliator. 𓆚 

A royal desert experience. Infused with medicinal tree resins, berry powders, organic sugars, Icelandic salts and botanical oils for a rejuvenating experience for the skin and spirit.

The smell teleports you to an ancient land in the desert, caressing and renewing every cell in the skin.

Your skin will become soft and your spirit will be soothed and reawakened with life as it sheds the old and invites the new. 𓇶

When we let go of the old, we make room for the new. Much like a snake that sheds its skin after a cycle, we too must shed and invite healing into our skin and lives.

When we use this scrub, we like to envision a new layer of skin emerging and illuminating from the depths of our souls.

After scrubbing, massaging and releasing; we wash away what needs to be let go of.

Down the drain or down the river, the old us gets released and the new us gets invited in to show up brighter and better for the world. 

Elevate your skin care ritual with this sacred scrub that is naturally scented and derived from our our most sacred ingredient — Royal Hojari Frankincense. 𓉑

Organic | Wildcrafted | Biodynamic 

Ingredients: Royal Hojari Frankincense Resin, Wild Juniper Berries, Schisandra Berries, Sandalwood, Lavender, Rose, Rosemary, Sugar, Icelandic Sea Salt, MCT Coconut Oil.