Curandera Collective was founded by Mariana Beltran Navarro (X’chilip Mo’Tao). A Mystic, Mother and Herbalist born in the ancestral lands of the Yaqui Nation in Northern Mexico. This was where she was first introduced to herbal remedies by her grandmother.She then moved to America to study Physiology at The University of Arizona. Later moving to Oregon and studying Herbalism in Portland. Her educational background is based in Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda.Now based out of a 5-acre farm in Sisters, Oregon. 

Mariana is a “Medicine Woman” and “Botanical Genius” and is the visionary storyteller and creative developer behind the genius of our handcrafted and loved-into-existence products. With over half a decade of first-hand experience as the founder of this elite sustainable skincare brand, Mariana has mastered the visual landscapes of curating new-age "curandera" offerings with a natural and aesthetic approach.

Mariana delivers an elemental experience through her work by connecting people to nature through the creative process. Specializing in cultivating sacred spaces, medicine retreats, and conscious creation by capturing the essence of botanical and tangible magic in an dreamy experiential offering.



"The Curandera is a medicine woman; a healer who uses folk remediesConnected to spirit, and rooted in love. She embodies the creator, the magician, and the alchemist. She is connected to her heart through a harmonious connection with Mother Earth, she possesses the ability to heal and empower those around her. She walks the land gathering plants, dancing; singing with the trees, and connecting with her self and the world. She is grounded, yet flowing, rippling waves of wisdom into every thread of her being. Able to embrace both the light and the dark, she becomes a channel for all living things. A channel for Mother Earth. La Curandera. 
"A Folk Healing Collective"
"We wanted to create a something that was radically different. Ancient in spirit, and imbued with love. That honored our true nature as humans; our roots. To honor the great healer within us. That magic that fills our souls when we connect with Nature. We set out to create truly one of a kind compositions that would allow others to experience natures greatest gifts, in a natural, wholistic way.
 A sustainable and ethical collective that stands for something far greater than ourselves. That stands for truth and honesty, and the protection of our earth and its people. We honor the body as a temple. We believe self care is a true act of intimacyOur skin tells a story, and protects us from birth to death. It deserves to be honored and treasured for its resilience and strength. We believe in using natural ingredients created by nature. Crafted by hand, slowly, and methodically produced. Intentionally curated, under the sun, moon and stars. We gather and craft with the seasons. We utilize ancient methods that create refinement, purity, and magic in our finished products.
"Living Botanical Skincare" is for the mind, body, and soul. Healing deeper than the skin, connecting us to our roots, and awakening our potential.

Our formulas and compositions are made through love and devotion. We are deeply passionate about crafting from the heart. With respect, and understanding. We use energetically profound substances that have depth, complexity, and harmonize us with the elements in our bodies. These are substances that have supported us in many ways; Substances that have transformed us, that have touched our souls, rejuvenated our skin, and energized our sprits.

All ingredients are organic, biodynamic, wildcrafted plants, herbs, and resins. Sustainably grown and ethically harvested/sourced. We work closely and intimitly with local farmers and grow our herbs using methods we've developed, that are inspired by Korean Natural Farming, Biodynamic and sustainable garden principles. We believe in nature and allow her to do most of the work, assisting her along the way.

Intentionally curated and hand crafted by us. We work with the seasons and focus on powerful healing allies that psychically speak to us. By creating everything in small batches, we keep our quality high and are able to have a deep connection with our partnerships and plants we meet along the way. We do not ever wish to change that. Our passion is working closely with nature. Working with our hands; constantly diving deeper into our craft to understand the wisdom of the earth.

We appreciate a wholistic approach towards life, our bodies, and our skin. Understanding the interconnectedness of everything. How taking care of your skin and body can lead to far greater things. Self love is wholistic. When you begin to take care of one part of yourself, it will lead you to another. The skin is the largest organ of the body; the main protective barrier between you and the world. We believe taking care of our skin and body is vital. To feel comfortable and healthy in our skin is empowering and beautiful for ourselves and the world around us.

The purpose of our creations is to connect us. To empower us. To set ourselves free, and transform our modern perception of beauty and self care. Skincare should feel beautiful, it should make you happy, it should connect you to the earth. To feel the healing energies of the earth"

With Love and Beauty,


Curandera Collective