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Xamana Azul Mist

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The Xamana Azul Facial Healing Mist. 


This toner was birthed through a divine process of growing medicinal flowers bio-dynamically in our organic garden or wildcrafting in our nearby forest.

We harvested the "Chamuzelene Queens" German Chamomile and Wild Yarrow on our small farm in Sisters, Oregon.

We distilled the perfect flowers at the peak of summer, slowly, a beautiful extraction of its chamuzelene compound was brought to life.

A magical blue hued water and pure essential oil with a bright blue essence.
We named this the "Xamana Azul" because of it's magical abilities to restore skin by healing redness and irritations.

This blue oil is commonly used as a soothing oil post-waxing because of it's ability to fight off redness and puffiness.

This is a perfect toner and facial mist for people with sensitive skin or acne because of it's healing abilities.

Both Wild Yarrow and German Chamomile and Blue Tansy (Morrocan Chamomile) are amazing healers and known to calm skin, stop bleeding, heal wounds and calm the spirit.

We're happy to share this offering and deliver a true organic, living botanical skincare ritual.



Fresh German Chamomile Flowers, Yarrow Flower, Morrocan Blue Tansy, Distilled Water.